Naturally Splendid

A Canadian based Company established over a decade ago with a vision to provide natural, nutritious and safe products.

The Company remains very much focused on hemp…but has now expanded our expertise and reach to include not only the nutrient packed hemp staples of; hemp seed hearts; proteins and oils, which was re-branded “NATERA®” in 2014…but now our proud to offer a much wider range of hemp formulated Company Branded Consumer Products that includes sports and practitioner formulated lines as well as Bio-technology Advanced Products that are proprietary to Naturally Splendid such as HempOmega™.

Additionally, Naturally Splendid has grown to over 25,000 square feet of Processing and Manufacturing based upon an comprehensive Vertical Integration Strategy, focused on two distinctively separate yet complimentary Revenue Streams.

The Vertical Integration Strategy feeds a Distribution Network that leverages the strength of combining the Distribution Network of Company Branded Products as well the distribution reach that our Contract Manufacturing Clients have established. The combination of these two Distribution Channels creates a distribution network that includes virtually every major retailer in Canada, as well as reach into the USA and over 300 retail outlets in Australia as well as an on-line presence in Germany. Naturally Splendid has exported to multiple countries in Asia and is proactive in developing distribution there as well as in Europe.

Vertical Integration Strategy

Naturally Splendid has developed a Vertical Integration Strategy that includes; Naturally Splendid Hemp Processors, North America’s only 100% organic Hemp Processing Facility; The Bar Makers, including a test kitchen and SQF2 Certified Facility; and ongoing Research & Development; and Product Development…all of which can be utilized for our Consumer Branded Products or our many Contract Manufacturing Clients. 

Processing & Manufacturing
Naturally Splendid Hemp Processing Facility

North America’s only 100% organic hemp processor.
Organic hemp seeds hearts, protein and oil.

The Bar Makers 
SQF 2 certified Manufacturing Facility

Test kitchen for Product Development

Capable of manufacturing nutritional and snack bars & bites as well as granola's and muesli's

The Company manufactures a wide variety of bars, bites, granola's and muesli's for in house brands as well as is Contract Manufacturer for a wide range of clients from SMEs to internationally recognized brands.


The Company has a Biotechnology Division that is developing, producing, commercializing, and licensing an entirely new generation of plant-derived, bio-active ingredients, nutrient dense foods, and related products.


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