It is a paradoxical challenge to create an energy bar that is both delicious and healthy. Elevate Me is our masterpiece, an all-natural protein bar that shatters the conventional approach to prepackaged snacks. Bite after bite you'll be left craving for more.


Elevate Me acknowledges the need for a healthy snack for a healthy diet. Only natural ingredients are used to produce our tasty protein bars. Each bar naturally gives you more energy allowing you to truly raise your game. Each 44g bar contains 24% of protein and 67% of dried fruit - no fillers, nothing artificial, ever.


Elevate Me is aware of diet sensitive customers, which is why all our bar products are gluten-free energy bars. To really stand by our health conscious eaters, our gluten-free energy bars are also low-fat, high in fibre, and cold-formed and not baked. Try our Elevate Me All Natural Fruit and Nut Energy Bars where delicious meets healthy.


Key Facts About Our Healthy Snacks

  • Gluten-free, Low Fat, Source of Fibre
  • 24% protein
  • Cold-formed, not baked
  • No added sugar, preservatives or additives
  • 8 deliciously unique flavors

OUR Elevate Me STORY

Launched by a nutritional health food caterer, but more importantly a mom, Elevate Me’s goal was to perfect the world's best tasting, simplest protein snack. We think we've done that! Our products contain whole ingredients rich with nutrients and natural protein to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your level of fitness.

Healthy Snack Bars

Keeping our products as close as possible to what nature created. No added colors, flavors, or sugars, and being gluten-free was our goal. We believe that leading a healthy lifestyle starts with how you fuel your body.

Our Philosophy

We are a healthy lifestyle brand. What keeps us going is the never ending pursuit of finding high quality ingredients to turn into delicious and nutrient-rich fuel for living your life and reaching your fitness and health goals. We've built this brand by staying true to our four pillars of health:


We value what nature intended. Limiting the amount of processing our products go through is important to us. Our bars are made and packaged in controlled batches to ensure that they are delivered to our customers in the freshest form with maximum nutritional value.


If you don’t know what is in it, don't eat it. Whole fruits and nuts, natural protein and no added colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This is what you can expect from all of our products. If you can't pronounce it, you won’t find it in our ingredient list.


Unsulphured is the way to go. All of our products use unsulphured dried fruits, and we buy organic where possible. At Elevate Me we believe the higher the quality of ingredients, the better quality energy we can provide. And if you love fruit, then you will love our bars.


Natural fuel to take you to the next level. Our products contain natural whey or plant protein to help you achieve your highest fitness goals. Our products' portability also ensures that you are consuming protein at the optimum time to make your hard work count.


We would not be here today without our supporters who have helped us grow from a small family start-up into a healthy lifestyle brand. Here is what some of them had to say

"For the last three years I have been fueling my workouts with Elevate Me bars, and have yet to see a protein bar as natural and delicious. Elevateme! bars are perfect for training, or when I need a snack between meals. Best of all, they’re Canadian!"
 Cindy Klassen, Olympic Gold Medalist 

"Very enjoyable. Great texture. Nutrient breakdown is perfect! Ingredients are extremely healthy – follows my recommendations to my athletes"
Dave Scott – 6 Time Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Champion 

"During the busy seven event heptathlon, Elevate Me bars are a perfect light protein bar to refuel and recharge between events. Made with such natural and tasty ingredients, these bars are also a great on the go snack for any time in the day. I'm a very proud supporter of this great CANADIAN company!"
 Rachael McIntosh – Canadian Heptathlon Champion 

"I have probably consumed about 5 boxes of your product over the winter. My photographer and I would spot each other bars daily. I’d buy three, then the next day he’d buy three. We love em."
 Dave Short - Pro Snowboarder

"Thank you very much for getting my order shipped out immediately! This level of customer service goes beyond the norm and is greatly appreciated. Wish could buy your products in stores here in the US. After a mediocre showing in London, I started working with a nutritionist and testing showed that I was not getting enough fuel to get through a match and my glucose level would really spike with some of the foods I was eating. So she recommended we try your bars. She gave me 2 Elevate Me Energy bars a few weeks ago to try and so far, they are working great to keep my energy levels steady throughout my matches. They also taste great, are not too sweet or sticky, and are very easy to portion with them already cut into thirds. I am leaving for a world cup in Spain on Monday and I feel more ready now, knowing that I have the right fuel to sustain me."
Thank you again,
 Sandra Uptagrafft – US Shooting Team, 2012 Olympian