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Naturally Splendid is positioned  for the plant based consumer market.

Through its Divisions, the Company develops, manufactures and distributes natural and nutritional healthy plant-based products under several brands including Natera Hemp Foods, Natera Plant BASED Foods, Natera Sport, Natera FX, CHII Hemp Foods, Elevate Me and Woods Wild Bar for human consumption and Pawsitive FX for dogs and Timers for the equestrian market…all plant based.

The Company’s 100% owned Prosnack Natural Foods operates a Safe Quality Food certified manufacturing facility, producing nutritious plant based bars and bites for the Company’s brands as well as for contract manufacturing clients.

Our Company branded products have been sold in thousands of retail outlets across Canada and our Contract Manufacturing client’s products have been sold in tens thousands of retail outlets across North America.

Naturally Splendid has entered into a joint venture, Plasm Pharmaceutical, that is preparing for a Health Canada approved phase 2 clinical trial, for a potential COVID-19 treatment with the target drug CavaltinibTM, utilizing a patented curcumin extraction technology.

Naturally Splendid is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX.V in Canada, the Frankfurt Exchange in Europe; as well as the OTCQB in the United States.

Facility Certifications

Research and Development

Naturally Splendid through their joint venture Plasm Pharmaceutical, has received a No Objection Letter from Health Canada to conduct a Phase 2 Clinical Trial for their target drug CavaltinibTM. In addition to pursuing a COVID-19 treatment, there is optimism that the trial and the ensuing research will expand the indications for CavaltinibTM to respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD; and reveal mechanisms of activity that justify the results we’ve seen in cases of autoimmune diseases like colitis, crohns and rheumatoid arthritis.

Previously the Company has embarked on research and development creating novel ingredients from hemp oil, HempOmegaTM and a hemp protein isolate for mainstream products and with the increased activity in plant-based nutrition, will continue to create opportunities for these novel ingredients.

Corporate Responsibility

At Naturally Splendid we believe in the power of innovation to create change. And we believe that including more plant-based offerings to meet your nutritional needs is a change the world very much needs today.

Our Corporate Responsibility commitment is to maintain morally sound policies, systems and procedures to ensure that our company is creating sustainable plant-based products and bio-technologies that have a positive impact on our consumers, the economy, and our environment.

We will put the necessary measures in place to guarantee that our company has a positive impact on the world around us, and that we maintain the highest quality in our standards of ethical conduct.

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