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Message from the Founders:

Welcome to the NEW Naturally Splendid Website!

As Co-founders of Naturally Splendid and on behalf of our Directors and wonderfully dedicated staff, Bryan Carson and I would like to welcome you to our new Corporate website. A website that is reflective of the plant based mission we are on.

We felt it timely to put into perspective the plant based history of Naturally Splendid and we invite you to take a minute to review our website to understand where the Company is today and equally as important, where the Company is heading for the remainder of 2020, into 2021 and beyond.

Since the early beginnings of Naturally Splendid, we focused on plant-based foods and the unlimited potential of plant nutrition for the betterment of people and the planet. We have always known that plant protein is not only a healthy alternative to animal protein when it comes to personal health…. but it is also good for the planet.

We started with the superfood hemp, an agriculturally friendly crop that is rich in protein, omegas, fiber and other macro nutrients. This in fact, was the impetus that set the wheels in motion on our journey to deliver plant derived products.

It is this strategy that has led us to where we are today, with the brands we have developed and the manufacturing facility we have constructed and operate.

Through our latest transaction, securing a popular plant based line of products that we have branded NATERA Plant Based Foods, Naturally Splendid has strengthened its position in one of the fastest growing consumer driven markets in North America… plant based foods! And we have BIG plans for the future!

The NATERA brand is not new. NATERA Plant Based Foods is the latest addition to this established brand. Previous successes include NATERA Hemp Foods and NATERA Sport, both of which are plant based lines of products. And now we are proud to add NATERA Plant Based Foods to the NATERA family of products.

NATERA Plant Based Foods is committed to delivering an extensive offering of delicious plant based options. After six (6) months of review, testing and strategizing, we have selected 20 plant based products in total that will be introduced to North America for the first time ever.

Our initial launch includes meatless; schnitzel, Kiev, nuggets, sweet chili strips, garlic bites…and yes, burgers too.

These six aforementioned products are available immediately and we will be introducing the remainder of the twenty products through various retail and food service channels as our on-going strategy.

Future additions to this product line will include meatless alternatives to beef, chicken, pork, fish fillets, prawns, with products such as wings, ribs and even pulled pork.

NATERA Plant Based Food has a range of products far wider than most every meat alternative company in North America.

The R&D and creation of these delicious offerings never stops. We are thrilled to work with our strategic partners developing new products for this rapidly growing consumer space.

Our products are not just for vegetarians.  Whether you are vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian,
reduce-atarian, or any other ‘tarian’, this product is for you.

We call this being NATERIAN. If you like great tasting food and are looking for plant based nutrition for whatever personal reasons, you will love our range of products and the delicious flavour of each offering.

Welcome to the NATERIAN Movement!

In Good Health,

J. Craig Goodwin


Bryan Carson


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