Naturally Splendid is building an expanding portfolio of proprietary intellectual property focused on the numerous uses of plant-based ingredients in a broad spectrum of applications.

The Company is developing, producing and commercializing a new generation of plant-derived, bio-active ingredients, nutrient dense foods, and related products.

HempOmega™ – micro-encapsulated hemp oil for use in foods, topicals and sports nutrition

Hemp Protein Isolate – 80%+ concentration is greater than most every other hemp protein. For use as an ingredient in daily food items as well as for an advanced sports line of products.

Cavaltinib™ – a patented curcumin extract that is being prepared for a Health Canada phase 2 clinical trial for the effectiveness to treat COVID-19. In addition to pursing a COVID-19 treatment, there is optimism that ensuing research will help expand the indications for Cavaltinib™ to respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD; and reveal mechanisms of activity in cases of autoimmune diseases like colitis, crohn’s and rheumatoid arthritis.