Naturally Splendid was formed in 2010 with a strategy to take hemp nutrition more mainstream as a consumer product. This amazing superfood has a fantastic nutritional profile of protein, omegas and micro-nutrients.


In 2013 Naturally Splendid began test marketing various versions of our own branded hemp products in Vancouver. The brand has evolved into NATERA Hemp Foods and since 2013 has been sold across Canada & Australia and into the USA and Germany.


In 2015 Naturally Splendid acquired CHII Hemp Food. CHII is one of Canada’s original hemp food companies having been formed in 1998 and remains aligned with our vision of plant-based nutrition.


In late 2015 Naturally Splendid lead the Canadian charge into South Korea, exporting over 1.25 Million pounds of hempseed in 2016…that’s a lot of plant-based protein and omegas!!


In 2016 Naturally Splendid acquired 100% of Prosnack Natural Foods, a nutritious bar producer located in BC Canada, that specialized in manufacturing plant-based bars.


Prosnack operates a Safe Quality Food (SQF) manufacturing facility in Pitt Meadows BC., producing plant-based bars and bites for our Company brands, as well as provides contract manufacturing services to multiple regional, national and international clients who are also focused on delivering plant-based nutrition.


Naturally Splendid pursued a Processor License in 2017, which would have allowed the Company to manufacture cannabidiol (CBD) fortified bars and bites. It fit our product strategy at the time as we considered CBD as just another plant-based ingredient.  However, regulations in Canada and abroad did not evolve as the industry was expecting. As a result, this project is suspended indefinitely allowing us to focus our resources on the much larger market of plant-based nutrition.


From 2013 to 2016, Bryan Carson and I held senior management roles that guided the Company to its most successful year in the Company’s history in 2016. With the dynamic growth during that time, with sales growing over 20 times from 2015 to 2016, it was decided that additional senior management would be beneficial, and Bryan and I cooperatively stepped down from our senior positions.


From 2016 to 2019, Bryan and I remained fully engaged with Naturally Splendid guiding the growth of Prosnack Natural Foods, the building out of the SQF certified food manufacturing facility, as well as the growth of the NATERA brand family of products.


In September of 2019, it was decided that I would once again take the role of CEO and President and shortly after that Bryan stepped into the position of CFO adding to his role as VP of Operations.


During this past year Bryan and I have made many strategic decisions to shed the Company of divisions and activities that did not have the opportunity for significant growth in the near term, in order to focus on the plant based opportunities we had identified.


In February 2020 Naturally Splendid launched ProCurc 30 under the NATERA Sport banner. ProCurc 30 is a plant based anti-inflammatory supplement, using a Biologic Pharmamedical patented technology to extract curcuminoids from curcumin.


ProCurc 30 has proven so effective that recently, Naturally Splendid entered into a joint venture named Plasm Pharmaceutical with Biologic Pharmamedical, to conduct a Health Canada approved phase 2 clinical trial as a potential treatment for COVID-19 using the target JV owned drug CavaltinibTM. CavaltinibTM is an amplified variant of the ProCurc 30 product. In other words, medicine from a plant.


The NATERA Brand now covers several categories including NATERA Hemp Foods – providing hemp hearts, protein and oil through retail grocery and NATERA Sport – a sports and active lifestyle products line. And now, our newest and one of our most exciting endeavors to date, NATERA Plant Based Foods!


NATERA Plant Based Foods are delicious plant-based meals that go far beyond the typical plant-based burger (…however, we have a burger too for those of you who love their burgers!!)


Throughout our journey, Naturally Splendid has never lost sight that plant-based products provide a healthy alternative not only for the people, but also for our planet. This was a driving force in the early days and remains our core strategy today.

NATERA Plant Based Foods and the Future

Naturally Splendid has signed an exclusive sales and distribution agreement for Canada, for one of Australia’s most popular plant-based, meat replacement lines. We have also secured distribution rights into the United States. In North America, this line will be known as NATERA Plant Based Foods.


NATERA Plant Based Foods ambition is to change the face of plant-based nutrition … one delicious meal at a time!

NATERA Plant Based Foods boasts one of the largest, if not the largest, range of meat alternative offerings of any company in North America and possibly the world. We have wonderful entrees such as schnitzel; Kiev; nuggets; sweet chili strips; strips and garlic bites. We also have offerings to replace fish, seafood and pork. And of course, we have plant-based burgers as well. In all we have twenty, delicious plant-based products ready to satisfy the pallet of most every consumer.

We have assembled an experienced sales team that is led by industry experts who have direct experience and significant success in marketing plant-based offerings. Collectively, this team of seasoned professionals boasts over 100 years of combined food distribution experience. Their success, reputation and reach into these markets will be beneficial securing regional and national accounts, spanning retail and food service.

We look forward to providing these delicious, plant-based offerings to all consumers whether you are vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian…or for those who are simply looking for great tasting food!


For years, NATERA has had the slogan, ‘It’s For EverybodyTM…and our NATERA Plant Based Foods continues with this commitment.


Come join the NATERIAN movement!!