PawsitiveFX donating 100 percent of sales through BC SPCA locations

05 June, 2019


PawsitiveFXTM is proud to be once again helping to raise funds for the BC SPCA. Recent seizures in the province such as the high profile Langley Puppy Mill case, encouraged the team at PawsitiveFXTM to think of ways to help.

So, for the whole of March 2016, BC SPCA locations will be selling the 0.15oz tubes of PawsitiveFXTM products with 100% of the sales being donated back to the BC SPCA in support of animal protection activities.

PawsitiveFXTM products are a range of all natural balms for your dog’s nose and paws. Far from being mere cosmetics, these topical treatments are full of natural goodness from hempseed oil, shea nut butter, coco butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and other amazing oils. Made with premium-grade ingredients, these products are perfectly safe for your dog to use, and won’t cause problems if they lick them.

Happy SnoutsTM is a snout soother chocked full of omega-rich oils and waxes. Formulated to be odour-neutral so it does not affect your best friend’s olfactory senses, this balm helps to soothe agitated skin and encourage cracks, cuts and scrapes to heal quickly. 

Happy PawsTM is a soothing paw balm. Similar in nature to our snout soother, Happy SnoutsTM, Happy PawsTM uses harder wearing and anti-bacterial ingredients to help the skin recover from all the things your pup’s pads will come into contact with during his adventures.

Strong PawsTM is a protective paw wax for the active dog. Using more hard wearing waxes, Strong PawsTM soaks into the skin and provides a layer of protection without shielding the skin completely – allowing it to naturally toughen up, while keeping it supple, fresh and in great shape. Customers swear by this product to help their dogs in ice & snow, wet, dry, sandy, dusty or hot conditions in the country and the city.

Whether your dog suffers from dry nose, cracked paws, cuts & scrapes, agitated skin or you just want to protect his paw pads from the snow, dust or hot pavements? Find your nearest BC SPCA branch and pick up a tube of PawsitiveFXTM this month. Remember, during March, 100% of your money will go directly to the BC SPCA to help them fight animal cruelty in the province.

Visit the PawsitiveFXTM website for more information about the products and to read what people are saying about these amazing products:

Visit the BC SPCA website for information about their activities and efforts to protect animals in the province:

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